National Bureau of Statistics launches the first user satisfaction survey with statistical products and services

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) launches today June 30, the Online survey „User satisfaction with NBS products and services”, being the first from online survey series which the statistical office plans to conduct regularly. The purpose of this user survey is to evaluate the degree of user satisfaction with the products and services provided by the NBS, in order to improve their quality and adapt them to the informational needs of the users.

In this regard, we invite all users of statistical products and services of the NBS to participate in the user satisfaction survey announced at Filling out the questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes and the answers will be treated in strict confidentiality. The users’ feedback is very valuable to the NBS because it will help improving and diversifying the statistical products and services, taking into account the needs and suggestions of data users – to whom the tools through which statistical data produced by the NBS are intended, including the tools through which it is made available to the public.

The user satisfaction survey will run for 3 weeks, as of June 30 2021.  The deadline for collecting online opinion questionnaires from users is 20.07.2021.

The objectives of this user satisfaction survey are to:

  • get to know the current profile of users of statistical products and services and the areas of statistical data in which they are currently interested;
  • assess the level of use and user satisfaction with the statistical products and services provided by the NBS;
  • identify the needs of data users regarding the new products and different services and collect users’ suggestions to improve them;
  • assess users’ confidence in the data disseminated through NBS statistical products and services.

Statistical products and services that will be subject to the collection of user opinions include:

The invitation to participate in the survey will also be distributed through social networks and sent by e-mail to the main groups of users and subscribers of the statistical information of the NBS.

The planning and preparation of the online survey was assisted by international experts from the EU project ,,Technical assistance to support the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova”.

Continuous communication with data users, in particular by consulting their views, represents a basic and indispensable tool in the work of national statistical offices and is in line with the European Statistics Code of Practice.

In addition to the above, we inform you that the NBS orders at regular intervals (every 4-5 years), independent sociological surveys which are aimed at the assessment of the opinion of the users on the quality of statistical information produced and disseminated by the National Bureau of Statistics, in terms of compliance with the fundamental principles of statistics, the usefulness of the statistical methodologies, and in order to determine the extent to which this information meets the needs of different types of users. The latest user satisfaction survey was conducted in 2016.

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